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As we develop this site, you can watch as we grow our tinker shop here online. Please note that this site is best viewed using Mozilla's Firefox browser. We will be offering lots of free stuff, and give you the chance to purchase some of the items we use, and make.
We love making things, and are building a very diverse shop here in McLean, NY. Be it wood, glass, plastic or metal, we can build just about anything we can wrap our minds around. We have our own custom built CNC Router machine, and a custom built Router Duplicator. We also own just about every tool known to man, including tire changing and balancing machines, table saws, sanders, a soda blaster, etc. If it can be done, we are the guys to come to, to get it done. We've done a total truck rebuild, which included using a plasma cutter to cut out new panels, and welders to fix them in place. We finished this project with an awesome paint job and decals. We also have recently added a vinyl cutting machine to our shop, so we can custom cut logos, lettering for signs, and so much more. Come back to visit us again, and you'll see some of these projects before during and after in both photos and videos.

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